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  • What Jewelry Style Are You?

    What Jewelry Style Are You?

    What is your Jewelry Style?

    Take my quiz to find out.

    Boho Style

    Boho Jewelry Style Quiz

    Your a Boho girl. You love jewelry that is free spirited and reminiscent of the 70s. You believe in personal expression and free love. You like pieces that are casual and feminine. You are likely to shop stores like Anthropology and Natural Life.

    Casual Style

    Casual Jewelry Style Quiz

    You have casual style. You enjoy jewelry very much but you aren't as interested in flash as you are in meaning. You love jewelry that has special meaning and speaks to you. You tend to wear delicate pieces that are made of gold or silver. You enjoy quite dinners or evenings at home with loved ones.

    High Class Style

    High Class Jewelry Style Quiz

    You have High Class Style. You love your sparkle. From diamonds to pearls you love to wear it all. You love a night on the town whether it be opera or the theater. You enjoy the fast pace of city life and love dinning out.

    Artsy Style

    Artsy Jewelry Style Quiz

    You have artsy style. You love handmade jewelry that is unique and hard to find. You like things that no one else has. You enjoy creating and appreciate others creations. You enjoy trying new things as well as traveling and immersing yourself in other cultures.
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